Smoke Sensor

Wireless optical smoke sensor that triggers your alarm system and all connected sirens in the event of smoke development.

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Wireless with Wifi
Quality Assured
Safe to use
Professional standard

The Silent Heroes of Home Protection

Cutting-Edge Wireless Optical Smoke Alarm for Ultimate Safety

It's all connected

Get Alerted, Even When You're Away

If smoke particles are detected, the smoke alarm will transmit a wireless signal to your alarm system to activate the alarm, along with all connected sirens. Simultaneously, notifications are sent to the individuals you have selected within the app regarding the incident.

Strategic Safety Zones

Easily Secure Your Entire Home

We strongly recommend installing a smoke alarm in every bedroom of your residence. For added safety, you can also place a smoke alarm in other high-risk areas within your home, such as the kitchen, office, garage, storage rooms, and more.

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In the box

1 x

Smoke Sensor

1 x

9V battery / pre installed

1 x

Screws and wall anchors for installation

Technical specs

All the good stuff wrapped up in small numbers and letters

1 x 9V battery (included)
Battery life
Up to 3 years
Low battery notification
Wireless RF 433.92 MHz. 200 meters (unobstructed)
Temperature: 0˚C ~ +50˚C. Humidity (up to): 90% relative(non-condensing)
Ø: 107 mm D: 34 mm
85 dB @ 30 cm
Monitoring area
Test function
Automatic restart after alarm
Grade 2

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