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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

What is Safetify?
Safetify is an advanced wireless security system designed to safeguard your home or business. It utilizes cutting-edge technology and is certified to provide you with peace of mind and round-the-clock protection.
How does Safetify work?
Safetify employs a network of wireless sensors, cameras, and a central control hub to monitor and secure your premises. When any suspicious activity is detected, Safetify alerts you immediately, allowing you to take appropriate action.
Is Safetify easy to install?
Yes, Safetify is incredibly easy to install. With a simple QR scan, you can set up the system in minuts. Our system is designed for simple DIY installation, and our step-by-step instructions make setup a breeze. If you have any questions, our customer support team is ready to assist you.
What certifications does Safetify have?
Safetify is certified by industry-leading organizations, including; Grade 2 and CE certified, ensuring that our system meets the highest security and quality standards.
What happens during a power outage or internet disruption?
Safetify includes backup batteries and cellular connectivity to ensure that your security system remains operational even during power outages or internet disruptions. Your safety is our priority.
How do I access and control Safetify remotely?
You can control Safetify remotely through our user-friendly mobile app. Simply download the app on your smartphone or tablet and log in to monitor your system, view live camera feeds, and receive alerts no matter where you are.

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