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Welcome to Safetify, your trusted partner in advanced professional security solutions. With a passion for safety and a commitment to innovation, we are proud to offer certified and professional security systems, tailored to the needs of distributors and installers.

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More than 100.000 properties already protected

Pioneering Protection through reliability

We specialize in developing cutting-edge security systems that set new benchmarks in reliability and effectiveness.

About Safetify

Innovative and intelligent Security

As a technology enterprise, we conceive solutions that epitomize the forefront of scientific advancement, seamlessly integrating these innovations into our devices. Safetify's devices function flawlessly even in the harshest environments, perpetually poised to avert adversities and safeguard against potential calamities.

Innovative Software

Seamless Functionality

At Safetify, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Our security systems incorporate state-of-the-art software and hardware components, carefully integrated to provide seamless functionality and unparalleled performance. The synergy between our software and hardware empowers our security systems to adapt to evolving threats and challenges, providing comprehensive protection.

Quality Assurance
Intelligent detection
Adaptable software
Quality-driven environment
Seamless performance
App controlable
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Your safety is our mission

Our perpetually advancing security system bestows individuals with tranquility. When you are embraced by the steadfast shield of Safetify, you are shielded against burglars, fires, or leaks that can inflict substantial damage to both property and individuals.

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Real-Time Vigilance

Live Detection Security System for Immediate Response

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Elevate Your Security Inventory

Automatically keeps users home secured from fire, intrutors track the amount of time spent on different tasks

Your Power in Your Hands

Unleash App-Controlled Excellence

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Intelligent Detection

Unveiling Threats Before They Occur.

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Eyes Everywhere

Live Surveillance Security for Comprehensive Vigilance

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Wireless protection

Embrace the Future with Wireless Security Solutions

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