Contact Sensor

Securing doors and windows, both when you are home and away.

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Wireless with Wifi
Quality Assured
Safe to use
Professional standard

A resilient armor

Like a resilient armor, the impenetrable shell of protection enveloped them, shielding against the fiercest of threats

Wireless trigger

Security When Home

The wireless contact sensor triggers the alarm when a door or window is opened. Contact sensors are excellent for securing the outer perimeter of your home, enabling you to activate the alarm even when you are inside, such as during the night.

Live sensor status

Compact and Wireless

The contact sensor consists of two components: one is mounted on the frame, and the other on the door or window itself. When the door or window is closed, the magnetic field between the two parts of the sensor is maintained. However, if the door or window is opened, the magnetic field is disrupted, triggering the alarm.

Build for life as it is

Perfect for Homes with Pets

Contact sensors are also the ideal solution for securing homes with larger dogs that might trigger motion sensors.

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In the box

1 x

Contact Sensor

1 x

CR123A battery / pre installed

1 x

Screws and wall anchors for installation

Technical specs

All the good stuff wrapped up in small numbers and letters

CR123A battery (included)
Low battery notification
Battery life
Up to 5.5 years
Live status in the app
Wireless RF 433.92 MHz
Temperature: -10˚C ~ +50˚CHumidity (up to): 90% relative(non-condensing)
Dimensions (main part)
H: 84 mm W: 26 mm D: 22 mm
Dimensions (magnetic part)
H: 34 mm W: 11 mm D: 9 mm
Grade 2

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