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Wireless with Wifi
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Wireless & intelligent system software


Certified protection against intrusion, fire, water damage.

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Key Fob

Smart and practical key fob for operating the alarm system from a distance.

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The keypad is most often installed right next to the primary entry point of the property and allows you to operate the alarm system with the use of a 4 digit access PIN code or key tags.

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Contact Sensor

Securing doors and windows, both when you are home and away.

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Motion Sensor

Wireless Infrared Motion Sensor that monitors and detects movement within its field of vision.

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Vibration Sensor

Wireless Vibration Sensor that detects vibrations in the object it is mounted on.

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Water Sensor

Receive instant notifications if the basement starts flooding or the dishwasher leaks water.

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Smoke Sensor

Wireless Optical Smoke Alarm that triggers your alarm system and all connected sirens in the event of smoke development.

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Smart Plug

Remote control the lights or let the radio turn on and off automatically, to give the impression that your home is occupied even when you're away.

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Indoor Siren

Deter and startle intruders with this powerful 90dB indoor siren.

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Outdoor Siren

Extremely powerful 115dB outdoor siren. Mount on the exterior of the house and demonstrate to potential intruders that your home is equipped with an alarm system.

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Outdoor Solar Camera

The solar-powered camera operates directly from the sun's rays. There's no need for cables, charging, or battery replacement.

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In/Outdoor Battery Camera

Stay connected whether you're at the office, visiting the in-laws, or on the other side of the world.

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Alarm SIM

Whether you're looking to ensure uninterrupted operation or a reliable backup for your Safetify alarm system, our dedicated SIM card has you covered.

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Real-Time Vigilance

Live Detection Security System for Immediate Response

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Elevate Your Security Inventory

Automatically keeps users home secured from fire, intrutors track the amount of time spent on different tasks

Your Power in Your Hands

Unleash App-Controlled Excellence

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Intelligent Detection

Unveiling Threats Before They Occur.

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Eyes Everywhere

Live Surveillance Security for Comprehensive Vigilance

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Wireless protection

Embrace the Future with Wireless Security Solutions

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