Battery Camera

Stay connected whether you're at the office, visiting the in-laws, or on the other side of the world.

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Wireless with Wifi
Quality Assured
Safe to use
Professional standard

The Battery-Powered Guardian

No wires, extended battery life, effortless installation, and seamless monitoring through the app – your gateway to hassle-free security.

Beautiful & easy

100% Wire-Free

With the wireless battery camera, you can forget about any cable installations. The camera is battery-powered, allowing you to place it precisely where you want without the hassle of wires.

Built to Brave the Elements

Works Both Indoors and Outdoors

The camera is designed for use in the sometimes harsh Scandinavian climate. It's built from the ground up to meet the IP65 standard, ensuring it can withstand both rain and sleet.

Maximized Freedom

Long Battery Life

Even though charging the battery camera is easy and quick, we understand that you have many other things you'd rather spend your time on. That's why we've done everything to ensure the longest possible battery life for the camera. Therefore, you only need to charge your camera approximately 2 times a year¹.

¹ Battery life of up to 6 months is based on up to 5 daily activations. Battery life may vary based on usage patterns, installation area, etc.

Wire-free freedom

Easy and Quick Installation

Since the camera is battery-powered and requires no wiring, it's incredibly easy to install.
If you want the camera on a wall, simply screw the magnetic ball mount onto the wall and place the camera on it. On a rail or table, it's even simpler – just attach the camera directly to the ball mount and adjust the direction.

Precision Alerts

Smart Detection for Relevant Notifications

The camera intelligently processes what it sees and notifies you when it's actually relevant. On-device processing significantly reduces false notifications triggered by moving trees, shadows, and more. As a result, you only receive alerts when there's actually something worth noting.

Anywhere, anytime

Adapts to Your Home

Let the camera keep a watchful eye over your driveway, backyard, living room, or children's room. This versatile camera excels both indoors and outdoors, and its magnetic ball mount can be effortlessly attached to either the back or underside of the camera, granting you the freedom to position it precisely where you desire.

Instant Connection

Speak Through the Camera

Have you just received a notification about a delivery person in your driveway? With a single tap, you can speak through the camera directly from your phone and instruct them where to leave the package.

Record and restore

Convenient Storage and Easy Access

Insert a microSD™ memory card (sold separately) into the camera for automatic storage of its recordings. The saved recordings can be easily accessed directly from your phone, allowing you to share them with the police and your insurance company if necessary.

Stay Informed, Stay Safe

Critical Alerts on iOS®

The camera will keep you informed about any events in real-time through notifications on your phone. However, if you have an iPhone®, you can receive critical alerts, ensuring that you'll be alerted even if your phone is set to silent mode.

Seamless Integration

Empower Your Security with Smart Automation

Use the camera independently or integrate it into your alarm system, so it automatically activates when you leave your home and arm your alarm, and turns off when you're back home.

Cloud storage

Online Backups for Uninterrupted Access

The camera can automatically perform online backups of the recordings it creates. This ensures that your recordings are safe in case the camera is stolen or damaged, allowing you to continue accessing, sharing, and viewing the recordings directly from your phone.

Our Video Cloud service can be easily subscribed to directly in the app and is available for a small monthly fee. The service can be tried for free for 14 days and can be canceled at any time.

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In the box

1 x

Battery Camera (Black or White)

1 x

USB-C charging cable

1 x

Mounting bracket

1 x

Screws and wall anchors for installation

Technical specs

The Battery Camera comes in Black or White - packed with the same good stuff

Power supply
5200 mAh rechargeable battery. 5V 2A USB Type-C
Ø: 70 mm, H: 109 mm
Smartphone requirements
iOS 9.0 or above, Android 5.0 or above
2.8 mm
Max aperture
Field of view
Video frame rate
15fps@ 1080P
2.8 mm
Video compression
WiFi 2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n
1080P (1920x1080 pixels)
Video bit rate
64Kbps - 8Mbps
Infrared <10 m
Motion Detection
Temperature: -10˚C ~ +55 ˚C. IP Code: IP65
Battery Life
6 months (<5 daily activations)
MicroSD™ from 32-128 GB (not included)
White: SFBCW
Black: SFBCB
White: 5711826605151
Black: 5711826605168
Grade 2

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